Festa del Porquet 2016


One more year, in the Old Town of Altea, Festa del Porquet.

On Friday 19th at 19 h., traditional music at the church square for the beginning of Festa del Porquet 2016. On Saturday 20th :

11:30 h. Traditional “Muixeranga” at the Church Square

12:00 h. “Pasacalle” around the streets of the old town

14:00 h. Traditional rice “Arròs amb fresols”

16:00 h. Folk Songs

18:00 h. Traditional Dance by the group “Bellaguarda Tradicions”

21:00 h. Grilled pork

Click here to see the Festa del Porquet 2016 brochure.



Crist 2012 official activities Shedule

Festes del Crist 2012


Dear Friends,

Here’s the official program of the celebrations of Crist 2012, with the acts of these days and all activities for young and old that celebrate the various “filaes” of Moors and Christians in Altea. We hope you decide to enjoy these special days with us!