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Festa del Porquet 2016


One more year, in the Old Town of Altea, Festa del Porquet.

On Friday 19th at 19 h., traditional music at the church square for the beginning of Festa del Porquet 2016. On Saturday 20th :

11:30 h. Traditional “Muixeranga” at the Church Square

12:00 h. “Pasacalle” around the streets of the old town

14:00 h. Traditional rice “Arròs amb fresols”

16:00 h. Folk Songs

18:00 h. Traditional Dance by the group “Bellaguarda Tradicions”

21:00 h. Grilled pork

Click here to see the Festa del Porquet 2016 brochure.



Crist 2012 official activities Shedule

Festes del Crist 2012


Dear Friends,

Here’s the official program of the celebrations of Crist 2012, with the acts of these days and all activities for young and old that celebrate the various “filaes” of Moors and Christians in Altea. We hope you decide to enjoy these special days with us!

A very Special Night in the “Moros y Cristianos” Traditional Supper.

Moros y Cristianos in Altea, pic py Diego Coello

Last Saturday, we enjoyed in Altea, the traditional dinner of Charges, event held each year  just before the start of the traditional festival of “Moros y Cristianos” in Altea.

The event brought together more than 1000 revelers on the market square of Altea, in a very special night, just before the celebrations, this year will be held from 21 to 25 September.

The festive charges this year were awarded to members of the “filaes”:

* Sarraïns and Carteia (reigns)

* Black Guard and Maseros (alferecías)

* Moors of Bernia and Corsaris (bearers of the Association of Moors and Christians Sant Blai)

Charges, received at the entrance of the enclosure to the festive, the overseers of the commission of Christ and members of the Shrine of the municipal corporation.

The participants “alteanos” had traditional songs that were enjoyed by Moors and Christians, in an act of camaraderie and celebration that lasted until the wee hours of the morning, in which both Moorish and Christian kings, Joan Josep Salvador Lanuza Llinares and Gomis Martínez as president of the Association, Rosa Guillen, commended the efforts of all festers, and very happy holidays desaron 2012 to all alteanos and visitors wishing to share a very special dates with us. ”

# EnjoyAltea from 21 to 25 September

Altea and the Fireworks Casttle

Castell de L´Ola de Altea . Mix de fotos #EnjoyAltea

One of the main appointments required for the summer nights is El Castillo de l’Olla de Altea. The perfect meeting place for lovers of  fireworks an with the sea in the background every year has more followers.
A great day to enjoy the company of good friends on the beach. The night of the “Castle” is full of color, light and desires. For a moment the sky and sea merge with flashes. The dark sky of the city is filled with tears of fire representing the tears of St. Lorenzo.
El Castillo de la Olla is a true show of light, sounds, smells and colors, magic, stars.
An experience in the Mediterranean to be able to live at least once in life.
Laia López