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Altea and the Fireworks Casttle

Castell de L´Ola de Altea . Mix de fotos #EnjoyAltea

One of the main appointments required for the summer nights is El Castillo de l’Olla de Altea. The perfect meeting place for lovers of  fireworks an with the sea in the background every year has more followers.
A great day to enjoy the company of good friends on the beach. The night of the “Castle” is full of color, light and desires. For a moment the sky and sea merge with flashes. The dark sky of the city is filled with tears of fire representing the tears of St. Lorenzo.
El Castillo de la Olla is a true show of light, sounds, smells and colors, magic, stars.
An experience in the Mediterranean to be able to live at least once in life.
Laia López

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